Caring Solutions

. . . for children and adults with developmental disabilities

CLICK HERE to see our VALENTINE PLACE ribbon cutting from Valentine's Day!

We're grateful for the generous support of Trudy Busch Valentine and the St. Louis Community Foundation, Emerson and other major donors who participated that day and grateful to ALL who contributed to renovate this building so it can be a home for short-term stays and therapeutic services as part of our new Family Support Program!

Together with you, we design and provide individualized services for adults and children with developmental disabilities so they can lead fulfilling lives! Since its beginning in 2001, this has been the hallmark of Caring Solutions success!

Caring Solutions builds a relationship with each person so that we can focus on providing solutions to his or her needs rather than just put someone into an existing program format. Our goal is to identify the individual needs of each person in the areas of personal care, social activities, behavioral supports, health, vocational and transportation. We are dedicated to providing the services that will meet these needs in a manner that maintainsthe dignity and respect of both the individual andthe staff member working with that person.

Services may be provided in the individual's own home or the home of a family member, in a supported living residence or with a host family or in a companion home. Staffing may be provided for a few hours a month or 24 hours each day--it all depends on your needs. Caring Solutions is currently available in the Greater St. Louis area and surrounding counties in Missouri.

Watch our video about Caring Solutions . . . AND our video about "Valentine Place"!

A brief overview of Caring Solutions programs and services in an 8+minute video:

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Give us a call at (314) 942-7350

• If you know someone who might need our help
• If you want to work in a caring environment
• If you want to volunteer or provide support

. . . if you want to make a difference!

Help Us Help Families in Crisis

We are building VALENTINE PLACE as part of our Family Support Program. YOU can help us by making a gift for this effort and sharing the word with others! Watch our 2+ minute video about this program/renovation project in Ferguson. We are building constructive relationships!

Donate for the Cause

Missouri State Tax Credits Available to Eligible Donors

Caring Solutions has Neighborhood Assistance Program (NAP) Missouri state tax credits available for qualifying donors to our Family Support Program.

These tax credits are worth 50% of the value of your gift and can be used over multiple tax years.

Example: A qualifying donor making a $5,000 gift would receive $2,500 in state tax credits and would still receive a federal and Missouri deduction which further reduces out-of-pocket costs.

Who qualifies? Missouri-based businesses, LLCs and their individual members, partnerships and individuals who either operate a sole propiertorship, a farm or rental property in Missouri or have royalty income in Missouri.

Contact your tax advisor and Caring Solutions development office at (314) 942-7350.