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Caring Solutions’ staff is here to assist individuals, no matter the level of their disability, so they can discover and develop their abilities.

Caring Solutions designs and provides services to meet the unique needs of people with disabilities and their families, giving them the opportunity to lead fulfilling lives. Our vision is to see people with disabilities achieve their highest potential.

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    What is a Developmental Disability?

    Autism, Down syndrome and cerebral palsy are a few of the many types of developmental disabilities which are present at birth or sometime during the developmental years before the age of 21 due to accident/injury and can be physically and intellectually impairing to varying degrees. Each person served by Caring Solutions must have a primary diagnosis of a developmental disability. Additional medical and/or behavioral disorders and diagnoses may also be involved with those Caring Solutions assists.

    At Caring Solutions, we build caring relationships and services in partnership with the individuals and their families to meet their specific needs.

    In the same way, we seek to build strong relationships with our staff, donors and other partners.

    We deeply value and appreciate everyone who belongs to the Caring Solutions’ family!

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