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Stuart Zimmerman

It is with great sadness that I must tell you that our dear friend and wonderful supporter of Caring Solutions, Stuart Zimmerman, passed away in September of 2020.

Kathy, you and your family are in our hearts, our thoughts and prayers. Stuart's brother, Jim Zimmerman currently serves on the advisory council and Stuart's niece Sarah McGough is on our board of directors. We are so grateful for the Zimmerman tradition of serving Caring Solutions and our condolences go out to you also.

Stuart was first introduced to me in the 90-ies by the late Christopher M. Smith when I was the Executive Director at Gateways. Chris told me “you NEED Stuart”. And he was so right. Stuart taught us how to combine compassion for the mission with prudent financial management. I remember when he wanted me to save the stamp rather than sending him a thank you letter.

From 2001 to 2004, Stuart served on the founding board for Caring Solutions. He was instrumental in getting Caring Solutions off to a good start and told me we needed to raise $50,000 before we could serve even a single client. But he didn’t just say this, he worked very hard to help us reach that goal. He sent letters to over 100 of his friends and acquaintances asking for help with start-up funds for this new charitable organization. He and Kathy didn’t hesitate to introduce Caring Solutions to new people and new supporters, many of which have remained involved with Caring Solutions to this day. Stuart helped us through some really rough times, and I remember loans from him and Kathy so that we could make payroll. Loans which later would quietly be forgiven. Stuart was such an astute businessman and helped us so much but he also was a very compassionate and humble person and truly cared for the people with developmental disabilities we support.

After Stuart and Kathy moved to Colorado, Stuart continued to stay very actively involved with Caring Solutions by serving on the advisory council. He was always the first one to respond to any correspondence and he always took time to review and discuss the financials with me. We used to schedule galas and advisory council meetings to ensure Stuart would be in town as his input and participation was so valuable to us – and above all – we just enjoyed seeing him and spending time with him.

We will never forget Stuart and all he has done to help Caring Solutions grow into the organization it has become today with over 250 employees, 100 children and adults with developmental disabilities served annually. Stuart has helped many start-ups, it was his passion and I know he was very happy with what he has helped to accomplish here. His concern has always been to have longevity and reserves so that we can overcome funding shortages and reduce dependence on government funding.

Kathy graciously informed me on Friday that memorial donations should be made to Caring Solutions in honor, memory and celebration of Stuarts’ life. We are so very grateful for this and will designate all gifts to our “Assuring the Future” fund which is a fund established to build reserves for Caring Solutions’ future.

Any gifts can be made through our donations page. Click Here.

With much love, Madi

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