What is Caring Solutions?

Caring Solutions designs and provides services to meet the unique needs of each child and adult with developmental disabilities so they can lead fulfilling lives. Since its beginning in 2001, this has been the hallmark of Caring Solutions’ success! Caring Solutions builds a relationship with each individual–focusing on providing solutions to his or her daily living needs in the areas of personal care, social activities, behavioral supports, health, vocational and transportation.

Services may be provided in the individual’s own home, the home of a family member, or in other community based- residential settings for supported living, host family or companion shared living. Staffing may be provided for a few hours a month or 24 hours each day with around-the-clock awake staff–it all depends on the individual’s needs. Caring Solutions is currently available in the Greater St. Louis area and surrounding Missouri counties.

We’re grateful for the generous support of Trudy Busch Valentine and the St. Louis Community Foundation, Emerson and other donors and volunteers who contributed to renovate the building that has become VALENTINE PLACE–a respite home for short-term stays and therapeutic services and is being hailed as the first of its kind in the state. Valentine Place specifically serves those who in addition to their developmental disabilities also have significant behavioral challenges.

Because it’s about people, not just programs

Caring Solutions gives full attention to each person, building personal relationships and treating everyone on the team clients, family, staff, volunteers, and donors with respect and dignity.

Prior to admission, we meet with the individual. We talk with the family, prior service providers and others who might assist us in designing the most effective solutions.

Once we begin to know our client as an individual, we partnership with families and staff to focus on what is possible for this individual. We then create whatever is necessary to provide the needed services to lead towards those outcomes.

Typically, our solutions will be provided in one of the following environments:

• In your home
• In an Individualized Supported Living (ISL) home
• In independent living
• With a host family
• In a companion home
• In a respite home
• In emergency respite
• Valentine Place Therapeutic Respite Home
Services are currently available in St. Louis City and County, and St. Charles, Franklin, Jefferson, Lincoln and Warren Counties. Caring Solutions receives referrals from the Missouri Department of Mental Health which is also funding source for most clients. Private pay is also accepted.

Why You Should Care

• Our individual approach gives us the best outcomes for our clients.
• Our work truly makes a difference in people’s lives and in the community.
• Our partnership with family, client, and staff results in the best, most realistic potential.
• Our appreciation for our staff members and their satisfaction produces a positive environment for everyone in which to live and work.

Caring Solutions provides a very unique program for people with disabilities. First, we recognize that these individuals are our clients. We have a responsibility to make every effort to meet their needs as efficiently and effectively as possible, while always working to maintain the dignity and respect that we would want to receive.

We also know that individuals have every right to choose who provides services to them. They have a right to expect knowledgeable, trained staff working with them; staff that genuinely care about them, their needs, and their growth and development.

Please call or email for more information:
(314) 942-7350

• If you know someone who might need our help
• If you want to work in a caring environment
• If you want to volunteer or provide support

A Video Overview of Caring Solutions and its ServicesCaring Solutions offers a variety of community-based, residential service settings including in the family/individual’s home, in an individualized supported living home, with a host family, in a companion apartment or home, in independent living and in a respite home. Below are examples of host family and individualized supported living settings.