Leadership of Caring Solutions

Caring Solutions is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization consisting of volunteers and employees who have made a commitment to unique, innovative and customized service for people with disabilities. Caring Solutions was incorporated in 2001 and remains registered in IRS records under its original name, Services by Design, Inc. However, the organization's doing business as (dba) is Caring Solutions.

Caring Solutions' leadership provides compassionate, individualized care services for people with developmental disabilities in the Greater St. Louis area.

Caring Solutions has both a volunteer governing board and an advisory council, providing exceptional leadership and professional perspective.

The majority of our funding comes from the Missouri Department of Mental Health (DMH) Purchase of Service and Medicaid Waiver contracts through those with developmental disabilities and families who choose Caring Solutions to provide services. Other funding comes from foundations, organizations, businesses and caring donors like you.

Executive Staff

Madeleine Hawn
Founder/Chief Executive Officer

Dorothy Buss
Director of Human Resources

Sally Troutman Boyd
Director of Development

Guankita Nicole Henry
Program Director

Shannan French
Regional Director

Beth Rohr
Director of Family Support Program

Board of Directors:

Greg Beasley
Pearson Buell
Angelia Bunch
Ralph Butler
Bill Couch
Renee Eickmeier
Frank Haase
David Hotle
John Hutchens
Joseph Ilges
Zachary Loraine Kevin Meyer
Saint Rice

Advisory Council:

Pris Bass Timmerberg
Cherie Dobbs
Tom Earll
Mark Felten
Carla Fletcher
Jeanne Gladden
John P. Hasman
Erv Heyde, Jr.
Jim Holder
Kevin Horth
Gale Ingram
Phillip Isserman
Rick Jones
Pat Kiehl
Tom Kraatz
Jarel Loveless
Bill Mauk
Rick Nagle
Ted Ruzicka
Darlene Skaggs
Katrina Tatum
Carol Teaney
Tom Tenhula
Reggie Thorpe
Kim Tucci
Trudy Busch Valentine
Todd Watts
Jim Wilson
Dennis Woldum
Jim Zimmerman
Stuart Zimmerman